Rose Anza-Burgess is a fledgeling writer and an emerging contemporary arts scholar.  Her work interrogates the human form, examining the most vulnerable core of human personality, the human spirit. IMG_0891

She is a graduate student in the School of Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, holds a BA in Liberal Studies at Capilano University, and has pursued a Diploma on Art History and Visual Art at the University of British Columbia. Her works can be seen in her involvement as a Curatorial Intern at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, as an Official Photographer at the Vancouver Biennale, as a Production and Site Assistant at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and as  a Museum Assistant at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

Outside of the arts, she has a competitive background in the field of sports. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, Rosie has competed in swimming, taekwondo, track & field,  soccer, and basketball. During her undergraduate years, she competed as a student-athlete for Capilano University, and Douglas College’s Women’s Basketball team. An acl injury ended her career in the cutthroat world of college sports which led her to pursue a career in coaching under the mentorship of Marc Rizzardo. She has coached Point Grey Secondary’s Junior Girls Basketball team from 2010 to 2014, and Cariboo Hill Secondary’s Bantam team from 2015-2016. She is currently on a short break from coaching in order to focus on her career as a fledgeling writer and a young contemporary arts scholar.

Passion is what drives Rosie to succeed. According her, passion should be invaluable and creativity is something that you keep for yourself. No amount of money will ever equate to it. 

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